As part of our “Let’s Stay Healthy” program, we have implemented protocols to conduct our Sales efforts in a manner that is consistent with municipality mandates for business operations, designed to encourage good health practices, and provide our customers with a simple home buying process! Here is how you can participate:

Our Sales Office and Models are open by appointment only. As part of our “Let’s Stay Healthy” program we must limit the number of people who are in our Models or Sales office. We employ “Capacity Cards” to help manage the flow of visitors and maintain social distancing. For the health of all, appointment availability is at the discretion of the Sales Team. A face covering must be worn at all times while visiting the community.


Prospective homebuyers of Poway Commons are able to join our Priority Purchaser Program by obtaining a mortgage pre-approval from one of our two preferred lenders. The Priority Purchaser list is established by order of the date your owner-occupied, non- contingent mortgage approval is received. Those in the Priority Purchaser program will be provided opportunity to purchase (in the established order) at new phase releases.

You must attend all phase releases to maintain your position on the Priority Purchaser list.


If you have signed up to be part of our Interest List you will receive an invitation to join our VIP Pre-Release Info Sessions. These ZOOM meetings occur one week prior to our Phase Release and will provide you with location, timing and pricing details of the next homes to be released.


We conduct our new phase releases via a ZOOM meeting! If you have registered for our interest list, you will be invited to register for our ZOOM phase releases. You must respond to each invitation by registering to attend, to obtain the login information required to participate in the release. Here is how the release will work:

  • We will have a pre-release Q&A Session
  • Beginning promptly at 10:00am, we will ask if a Priority Purchaser would like to “defer”. If you so choose, please identify yourself and allow a Sales member to acknowledge your deferment before leaving the meeting.
  • We will then call the name of the Priority Purchasers in order. Once your name is called, please identify yourself and the new home at Poway Commons that you would like to purchase.

The Sales Team will follow up with those who have purchased to set up a paperwork appointment. In person appointments, ZOOM appointments and Docusign deliveries are available. Your paperwork must be completed within 2 days of the release and your good faith deposits will need to be wired directly to escrow.